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Advertising Image


Before entering fully into what would be the definition of the term at hand, it is essential that we know the etymological origin of the words that comprise it, which curiously both come from Latin:
• Image, emanates from “imago”, which can be translated as “portrait”.
• Advertising, is the result of the derivation of the verb "publicare". This means "doing something public."

A image is the representation, appearance, similarity or figure Of something. The concept can also refer to the visual representation of an object through the Photography , painting, video or other discipline.

Advertising , on the other hand, is an adjective that indicates what belongs to or related to the advertising It is developed for commercial purposes. It should be noted that advertising of this type consists in the dissemination of advertisements to attract potential buyers, users, customers, etc.

It is known as advertising image , therefore, to the figure or representation that a company employs with the intention of drawing the attention of potential buyers or customers . Companies expect the advertising image to trigger various mechanisms (interest in products, loyalty) that result in an increase in sales.

For example: “Kobe Bryant has been hired as the new advertising image of a famous non-alcoholic beverage”, “The advertising image of the rock festival caused a great controversy”, "The manager believes that we must think of a different advertising image to reach the youngest".

Being able to get the attention of citizens, so that they become potential customers of a company in question by acquiring a product or hiring a service, is what is pursued with any advertising image. For this reason, and because it helps strengthen the brand of an entity, it is necessary that any image of that type has the following hallmarks:
• It has to be attractive, to attract the gaze of who is around it.
• It is essential that you have great quality. In this way, not only will it be better appreciated but it will also convey the idea that the company is professional.
• It must adapt perfectly to the language of the advertising media where it will be used.
• It is essential that it is easily recognizable and identifiable.
• It must be understandable.
• It is important that you have the most appropriate colors.
• No less vital is that it is perfectly suited to the audience it is intended for.
• Must be able to surprise, leaving behind topics and traditional elements that do not contribute anything new.
• The message you include should be brief, concise and direct. In this way, it is how it will quickly penetrate among citizens.

The advertising image can be a celebrity , a character or some kind of Logo . In the case of famous people, we try to take advantage of the public image and the popularity of the celebrity in question to attract consumers. Characters and logos, on the other hand, are usually designed specifically to mobilize certain emotions in people who are positive for the company and for its sales (such as the tiger that uses a cereal brand or the tireless rabbit of the batteries).